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The Single Life is the shiz!

Happy PlaceI spent the first seven months after my divorce waiting for the next man to appear.  I tried forcing it, I tried flirting my ass off, I tried the dating apps, I even went on a couple dates, but nothing was working.  Nothing was clicking.  No spark was happening.  There were a couple of dark days in there, where I just really wanted to get on with my next “real life”.

Until about a month ago, when I had a Oprah style A-Ha moment.  I realized I was looking at this whole thing the wrong way!  I was missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle.  Instead of focusing on being alone, I was going to focus on being free.  That was a total game changer.  I suddenly began getting really excited….about being single!  I haven’t spent more than a few months single since, oh….since I was about 15.  That was 1986, y’all.  That’s a long time of couple-dom.

Now I had this whole new world opening up to me and it was within just about an hour of having that epiphany that I came up with the mantra of Single & Selfish, and before the day was through, I had my first blog post up, I had snagged the Twitter handle @SingleanSelfish and had an email address set up, and can I ask why Twitter won’t let the “&” sign be part of your handle?  That’s just silly and put a hitch in my giddiup for a minute, but I moved passed it.

Since starting the blog and trying to be active on Twitter, I have gained a few followers, had a few retweets and started to document some really great things about being #Single.  This is a much more expanded list than what I have posted on Twitter, but once you get the writing juices flowing….

Some of the best things about being single are:

  • No one hogs the covers
  • I get to decide what’s on TV
  • I decide where my money goes
  • I can wake up and spend an hour playing games on my devices & drinking coffee alone before my work day starts
  • I don’t have to be nice to anyone before my first cup-o-joe
  • I don’t have to brush my teeth if I don’t want to
  • I can bring a six-pack home and it will last a week.  I don’t have to share it with anyone
  • I don’t have to cook dinner if I don’t want to
  • I can have my friends over for wine and gossip whenever I want
  • I don’t ever have to pretend to like his friends wives ever again
  • The dog saves all his snuggles for me
  • I can fall down the YouTube random video rabbit hole and no one judges me for it
  • No more skid marks in the laundry
  • I can go away for a fun weekend with the girls without checking with anyone (except the person who is going to care for my dog)
  • Clothes make it in the hamper
  • My apartment stays clean
  • I always know how much gas is in my car at all times
  • I can go for weeks without a razor touching my legs
  • No more gross, stinky farts & giggles…unless they are mine or the dogs
  • I can make my home-made Ramen as spicy as I want
  • I don’t have to “Just Say Hi” to his Mom, sister, aunt, grandma or idiot brother on the phone
  • It’s always my favorite music
  • I don’t have to explain what a PodCast is or why I love them
  • My apartment is a NO FOOTBALL zone

How’s that for a list of fun stuff about being single?  I don’t even want to think about dating now, for fear I might meet someone great who is going to screw up my love affair with being single!  I can’t have that kind of stress in my life.  It’s all about the selfish, baby!  And I refuse to apologize to anyone.

Oh yeah, one more

  • I don’t have to apologize to anyone about anything ever again if I don’t want to









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