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The Beat Goes On

headphonesLike most people, music has always been a part of my life.  I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, which depending on who you ask was either some of the best music ever made, or some of the worst.

My memories are strongly associated with experiences; it might be a smell, a taste, a piece of clothing I was wearing at the time, or a song I was listening to.  There are some songs that take me back to a very specific time and place, or event.  Some songs remind me of a specific person.  Maybe that person introduced me to the song, or I was with that person when the song was playing.  It’s almost like a baby chick who imprints on the first thing they see, that thing will always be significant to the baby chick, forever.  Songs are like that for me.  Some will always be linked to that experience or person.

All of us have been through breakups.  All of us have experienced that pang of hurt right in the center of our feels when we hear a song that used to be “our song”….(insert gag reflex here).  So when you’ve spent more than half your life with someone, and then that someone is suddenly gone, there’s a bunch of songs that have been significant.  Like, a BUNCH of songs.  A shit-ton, if you will, of songs that kick you in the teeth every time you hear them.  You get the point.

I’m always moving, doing something, not sitting still, perhaps a little ADHD, or maybe I’m just really restless, but the point is, I am always doing something, thinking of what needs to be done, or planning when I’m going to do the next thing.  My mother calls me the Energizer Bunny.  I simply can’t seem to sit still in the quiet, but when I would try to listen to music, no matter what song, it would always turn into a sappy love song and rip that developing scab right off my heart.  Seriously, it could be Speed Metal and I would find a love song in there somewhere.

So what was I going to do?  Drive to work in silence?  No.  Listen to AM  Talk-Radio? Shoot me now.  Then I remembered a YouTuber @Leighannsays, who I love – talking about Podcasts.  I didn’t really know what a Podcast was and kind of thought they were probably pretty silly, hippy-dippy and there probably weren’t that many of them out there.  WOW! Was I wrong!! It wasn’t long before I dove head-first into the treasure trove that is the Podcast genre.  I started with things like Rhett & Links Ear Biscuits and soon moved on to Grace Helbig’s Not Too Deep.  Then I discovered Aaron Mahnke and The Lore Podcast, and I fell deep down the Podcast rabbit hole.

Podcasts were the chatter in the background as I was getting ready for work, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store or driving in the car.  I was never alone, because I always had my Podcast friends making me laugh, making me think, or teaching me something.  I’ve gotten wicked-smaht about all sorts of things and I credit my addiction to Podcasts.  Podcasts became the new soundtrack to this chapter of my life.

These days I can sometimes listen to music again.  The memories and experiences associated with those songs are still there, and sometimes there is still that dull ache of pain with certain songs, but the scab on my heart is healing up pretty good and there are only a few songs I’ve had to delete from my iTunes playlist because I just don’t want to test it.  The rest of the songs in my music library are pretty much ok to listen to.  I’ve actually come to enjoy music again, but I always come back to my tried and true Podcasts.  I think Podcasts will be a part of my life for a long, long time and I am really grateful that I found then when I did.

Let’s start a discussion about Podcasts in the comments below!  Tell me what you’re listening to and share hidden gems that you are enjoying.  I would love to add to my subscription feed.












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