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Cleaning Therapy

cleaningproducts When I first moved out into my own place and was setting up solo housekeeping last December, I was in the early stages of grief.  When I am stressed, agitated, anxious, or just hyper I have discovered that cleaning, purging and organizing are my best friends.  So I got into the habit real quick of doing deep dives into a cleaning routine.

I started seeking out cleaning videos on YouTube (because it’s a thing…don’t believe me?  Search it- you’ll be amazed) and stumbled across a really cute Canadian couple, Melissa Maker and Chad Reynolds who have a cleaning business and a YouTube Channel called Clean My Space.  They have been at the cleaning video biz for a number of years and have a huge playlist of topics that I love to just keep on in the background while I’m doing my thing.  From Melissa’s instruction, I have learned a better way to fold clothes, the S-pattern, the top to bottom, left to right cleaning order for more efficient cleaning and a whole host of recipes for home-made cleaning products.  Seriously, I don’t buy any cleaning products anymore.  The Clean My Space channel has a whole play list on cleaning product recipes that are just pennies to make.

I think cleaning for me is a way to control a chunk of my environment.  Have you ever been upset, or feeling like life is full of chaos and had a sudden urge to clean your closet?  That’s a form of self-soothing through controlling a little corner of your world.  Everything else can be out of control and spinning, but that closet will be alphabetized and color coordinated and it makes us feel better.

This is why I love my deep cleaning weekends.  It had been a few weekends between Girls Getaway weekend and other commitments, so yesterday I went head-long into an all-day cleaning session and by the end there wasn’t a surface that hadn’t gotten some love.  Even the ceiling fan got attention.

If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning you’ve read that I really enjoy doing laundry.  It’s practically instant gratification and I just love knowing that I’m multi-tasking by having laundry washing or drying while I clean something else.  Some people don’t get it, but I just love it.  Yesterday I got a huge dose of gratification at the end of the day when the whole apartment sparkled and I could fall into a freshly made bed with fresh bedding, freshly dusted furniture, wiped down walls, cabinets and base boards, a spotless bathroom and fur-free floors.  I was seriously in my happy place.

I actually reached out to Melissa Maker a few months ago and sent her an email letting her know how much her videos had inspired me and helped me thought a really difficult time.  I never got a response, and that’s fine.  I know she’s helped me, as have other videos on minimalism, because when you’re moving on your own and don’t want to see anything that belonged to your ex you get rid of a lot of stuff.  A LOT of stuff, and sometimes you create new, clutter free areas and call it Minimalism.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

So every night before I go to bed, things are put away and the sink is empty, coffee is set to brew automatically and my whole space is cleaned and organized, ready to go for the next day.  There is peace in that.  A sense of control that I haven’t had in a long, long time.  A kind of peace that I didn’t realize I was lacking, but now that I have it, I will protect it.

My favorite Mantra is “Protect Your Peace.”  Well, I’m making mine with a little baking soda, some white vinegar, essential oils, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.








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  1. If you like cleaning, I think you’d love the Brocante Home blog. She has inspiring lists and cleaning regimens for each season… I’ve been a fan of her site for more than 10 years! 🙂

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