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Sleepless in Texas

Mao Sleep


It’s true, Friday night’s sleeplessness was peppered with Facebook posts, YouTube videos, trying to read on my Kindle, downloading meditation or hypnosis apps trying to help myself get some Z’s

Sleep.  Sleep has been elusive as of late.  I’ve never been one to have trouble sleeping.  I could fall asleep, get woken up by something and go right back to sleep.  The last few months have been just the opposite though, I quit drinking daily and no longer drink myself to sleep every night.  I feel great, I’ve lost weight, my skin is better, my mind is quicker, I feel like I’m centered, balanced and aware.  My sleep; however, has never been worse.

Two nights ago it was the worst it’s ever been.  I tossed and turned, would settle in, get sleepy and drift off for a moment, only to be hit with a hot flash, or a muscle spasm and in turn, a shot of adrenaline and I was awake.  It didn’t help that all the fur-kids decided not only to sleep with me, but they decided in unison that they all needed to be touching me…..TOUCHING ME! Between hot flashes, muscle spasms and August heat in Texas, this girl got unhappy quick.  This all went on until about 4 am.

Thank goodness it was Friday night, and I didn’t have to work the next day.  I finally got up, took a sleeping pill and got a few measly hours of sleep.  This couldn’t go on.  I had to find a fix for this.  I suspect the sleeplessness is a combination of menopause induced insomnia and my body trying to learn how to sleep without alcohol but I have to figure out how to fix this.

I had a date with some pretty cool chicks Saturday, one of my best girlfriends was having a backyard water day for the kids and so The Trio of Troublemakers (I just made that up, Change Approved!) got together, they brought their little one’s, I brought chips & salsa and we sat in the back yard, Redneck Style, with a cold adult beverage in lawn chairs and watched the kids play.  It was just a few hours of relaxation, but it felt like a vacation.  The Trio of Troublemakers are nothing if not brutally honest with one another, between the three of us we can solve all the worlds problems – or at least our own.

It was decided that I’m too connected, dialed in, technologically engaged.  I needed to unplug for an hour or so before sleep.  It’s true, Friday night’s sleeplessness was peppered with Facebook posts, YouTube videos, trying to read on my Kindle, downloading meditation or hypnosis apps trying to help myself get some Z’s, but nothing was helping and indeed, it was all electronic.  So I agreed to try it.  Around 10:00 I texted goodnight to the Trio of Troublemakers and put my phone away.  I painted my nails, let them dry, then sat and looked around my bedroom.  “What do I do now?” I was committed to not picking up electronics, watching TV, playing games on my tablet, I was giving this a good go, I was testing my ability to withhold electronics.

Can you guess what happened? I laid in bed, the fur-babies banned from my bedroom and closed my eyes.  I focused on my toes, relaxing one part of my body at a time, something my Mom taught me when I would try to quiet my busy mind as a child, and I don’t think I even got to my knees before I was out.  OUT!  Y’all, I slept over 8 hours!!!!  Granted, it wasn’t solid sleep, according to my Fitbit, there was some restlessness happening, not that I remember it, so I’ll take it!  I wasn’t fully awake at all during the night.  I woke up this morning feeling like a brand new woman!

I let the Trio know first thing this morning that it worked.  I’m going to continue the Nighttime Electronic Hiatus, and I’m going to reinstate my trusty old Library Card and check out some books to read so I have a way to detach from the digital world and relax my mind to go to sleep.  Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine and I have made excuses that I don’t have time to read anymore, but of course I have time to read, I have time for whatever I want!  I’m single, selfish, on a journey of self discovery and I have time for whatever is important TO ME in my life.

Caring for myself is a huge component to this chapter of my life.  I’m learning as I go, or rather, a more accurate statement would be that I’m remembering what I used to know about caring for myself.  There was a time when I was pretty good at it, I just forgot a few key pieces.  The puzzle is coming back together and having these little A-ha moments keep reinforcing that I’m exactly where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing, and focusing on what I need to be focusing on.  Me.









One thought on “Sleepless in Texas

  1. So I’m breaking the no electronic rule because I’ve seriously read every one of your posts tonight! I’m loving it. I’m also completely jealous.
    I have to say my kindle is the best sleepy tool I have. Wait, actually the second I’ll give that one in a minute. They key for me is I have to turn the brightness almost all the way down and turn off the lights. It will seriously make my eyes so tired I fall asleep with it open. I also lie down flat to read so I can literally fall asleep while reading. Just in case that might work for you.
    My actual BEST sleep tool is a sound machine. There are apps you can try. I’ve used a travel clock by Brookstone for at least 18 years. (I’ve gone through a few.) I listen to the steady “white noise”. It is the best thing that ever happened for my sleep. Besides the Rx which I used for a long time but wasn’t stronger than my anxiety and made me a complete basket case.

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