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Hurricane Harvey update

I will write a longer blog post when we get internet again, but I just wanted to let you all know we survived. We were without power & water for a few days but got that back over the last day or two.  We still have to boil the water out of our faucet but after 4 days without a shower I will take what I can get.

A lot of other people are without power. We (my daughter and I) opened our home to our friends & coworkers to come take a hot shower, a warm meal, a place to charge their phone and do some laundry.   As of the writing of this short update we’ve had a number of people take us up on it and it feels absolutely beautiful to be of service to our community. 

We are taking care of one another. I have so many stories to share!!! I can’t wait to get Internet back so I can share them all with you.

Until then, thank you for sharing the blog, the prayers, those who have reached out and your support from all over the world. We’ve felt it!

Much love! Wendi a.k.a. Single&Selfish

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