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Do I have a boyfriend?  Have I met Mr. Right?  Or have I met Mr. Right Now?  I have news, folks.  I have a new significant other in my life.

Please be kind….and say hello to Bruce.



Bruce the Body Pillow, that is.  Yes.  The new significant other in my life is my new body pillow.  I named him Bruce.  Some have asked if I named him after Bruce Jenner….ahem, no.  I named him after a much sexier Bruce.  Bruce Willis.

So between the dog, the cat and whatever book I’m reading at the moment, I share my bed with Bruce.

I highly recommend having a Bruce the Body Pillow.  I have several reasons why….

  • Bruce doesn’t talk back
  • Bruce never snores
  • I always win arguments with Bruce
  • Bruce doesn’t fart under the covers
  • Bruce never gets too handsy
  • Bruce always lets me be in control of the blanket ratio
  • Bruce is a snuggler

I can tell you first hand, that having a Bruce in your life is a win/win for everyone involved.   If you are considering getting a Body Pillow Buddy, I highly recommend it.  Even if you aren’t single, body pillows are a great investment.

You can name yours whatever you want.











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