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ChangeThere is something in the air.  Maybe it’s the change of seasons – I love Fall, or maybe it’s something else, but I feel it.  I feel like this time next year, I will look back on this post and think ‘Oh yes, that was the beginning of…(insert thing here)’.  I like it. It feels like quiet anticipation of things to come.

I have been trying something new in my personal writing.  I like to journal first thing in the morning and I’ve been calling it Gratitude Goals.  I list three things I’m grateful for, examine future goals or goals that I either met or missed from the day before.  Then I just write about what’s on my heart or mind.  It’s been a really nice way to start my day with a cup of coffee and the quiet of the morning.

This morning I was examining my gratitude for the stillness.  I’m grateful that I have a choice of who I allow into my peaceful sanctuary.  I have a choice of who or what I invite into my quiet surroundings, and my home and existence has really become one of restorative stillness.

I think this desire to keep my environment balanced and mellow is really what keeps me unwilling to date.  I cherish my time at home, doing what I want, or not doing anything, consuming what I want, whether it’s entertainment, food, time with friends or quiet time spent on the yoga mat in my pajamas in my living room.  I am in control of what type of environment I create for myself and I find that notion utterly delicious.

I was taking my dog for a walk the other morning and saw that my neighbors little hibiscus had bloomed this beautiful, single flower.  Didn’t the plant know that it was the first of Fall?  Didn’t this little plant realize that it’s friends the trees were changing their leaves and beginning the process of going dormant for the winter?  Clearly no one gave this little plant the memo.

It must be said that South Texas, while we have slightly more of a seasonal show than my native Southern California, most people from other states much north or east of us don’t think we have seasons at all.  It really doesn’t get cold here in any significant way until January.  I still thought it was quite rebellious of this little lone hibiscus to send out this beautiful bloom when it is supposed to be shutting down for the winter.  I suppose I find myself identifying with this little flower with its bright colors and defiant beauty.

Really though, what do I know?  This could be the typical time hibiscus bloom.  No one can accuse me of having a very green thumb when it comes to plants that aren’t cacti.  Give me a prickly cactus in a tiny terra-cotta pot that needs a splash of water every couple of weeks and I’m happy and feel accomplished keeping it alive.  Anything that requires more maintenance usually meets a pretty dismal end.

It’s been a minute since I’ve put a post up on the blog and the desire to write has been nagging at me but I needed a few days to let the words find me.  I started writing a couple of days ago, just the first paragraph about feeling change in the air and how it was making me feel a sense of quiet anticipation.  Since then, some things have come into view that may be a new avenue of expression and connection with you readers and dare I tease…..viewers…. but that will have to wait a little bit longer before that flower is ready to bloom.










7 thoughts on “Stillness

      1. I still say you need to come over here and day drink with me one day! Also It’s going well. I havent missed it at all. I’m using the extra time to focus on me and to do some spiritual growth. So far it’s been fun. We’ll see what happens when I come out on the other side. If I ever do. Maybe I’ll stay a hermit for the rest of my days and just get day drunk with my cats and my plants. ha ha ha.

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