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A little something….

LC Custom Tumbler

Well, would you lookie here….I got a little something in the mail the other day and can’t stop looking at it!  My brand on a Tumbler!

I want to thank my friends over at LC Custom Coatings for their generosity.  Because I’ve liked their page, and follow their blog I was entered into a contest and won.  I never win anything so I was super pumped to ask them if they could put my Single & Selfish Logo on it.  Of course they did a beautiful job!  The coating is super durable, and the way he did the logo is perfection.

I’ve known the owner, Jason for several years and we’ve become good friends.  LC Coatings is a military veteran owned business in League City, Texas.  Because they are a small company they are able to provide quality custom services to their customers and they don’t just customize tumblers.  They specialize in customizing and finishing firearms, knives and tactical equipment too.  They have a fast turn around time and their prices are so affordable.  They really are the best of the best.

I told Jason that I would write a blog post and give him a shout out on my social media….so *gasp* does this qualify as my first ever brand deal??  I am telling myself it does.

I know I want Single & Selfish to go somewhere.  It’s more than just a silly online journal or hobby to me.  I want the website and blog to grow and help people.  I want the brand to become something that can develop with me as I develop.  Life is becoming something I could never have imagined, and didn’t know I really wanted – but it’s here.  This simple contest win, with this beautiful tumbler with the logo on it feels significant to me.  It feels like a step.

I can really begin to visualize Single & Selfish merchandize in the future.  T-shirts, caps, coffee cups,….and yes, tumblers.

I really don’t think LC Coatings realizes what a fire they have lit.  They have poured gasoline on the spark of inspiration that was lit just a few months ago when I came up with the blog title, then the website, then the social media….Single & Selfish is going to be something.  I know it is….

I have a custom tumbler to prove it!

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