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Don’t miss opportunity while you’re waiting for the next thing

Red Tailed Hawk

I love wildlife photography.  When I got my camera everyone was asking if I was going to do portraits.  People.  Photographing families, proms, babies, graduations, engagement photos, etc.  No, no and finally no.  I take pictures because I love the process and that treasure hunt.  I have zero desire to make anyone else happy but me and the animal or thing I’m shooting.  I am not a photographer to make money, I am in it to create art and capture the beautiful world we have around us for my love of it, and to provide content for the blog if the photo fits, but even the blog isn’t the main goal of having a camera.

One of my favorite things to do is go on birding adventures with my sister and we like to explore lots of places, both rural and populated.  I can get caught up in the whats-next in life, so photography is teaching me to slow down and be in the right-now.

Birding can be especially rewarding when you embrace where you are.  My sister and I were in Galveston for the weekend recently and while there, we were taking day trips to this wildlife preserve, that nature sanctuary, and all places in between.  I think this was either in the middle of a nature preserve or on the way to one when I happened to see this Red Tailed Hawk sitting on a sign in front of a field, probably waiting for his lunch to appear.  If I had been in a hurry to get to the next location I would probably have missed him.

This is something my sister has been very helpful in teaching me.  Be in the now.  Sometimes for the best shots, you have to be willing to stop and just wait.  Sometimes you have to be still and just observe.  Sometimes some of the most skittish critters pop up and those photos become keepers.

Here’s to stillness.

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