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Making Memories & New Beginnings


I took this photo last night and though it’s not the best photo, it captures a memory.  I have a special connection to photographs….I mean, that sounds lame, everyone has a special connection to photographs, if we didn’t we wouldn’t have cameras on all our devices, right?  I am a writer first and a photographer second and when something meaningful or important happens, I want both a written memory and a photo memory of it.

The subject matter of the photo isn’t important.  The night is the important thing I want to remember.  I want to seal this feeling into a blog post that I can go back to again and again.

Guys….things with The Gentleman are getting serious.  Like…..Serious with a capital S.

I’m going to come right out and say it, I’m seriously smitten.  Smitten like a kitten. Officially swept off my feet and I feel utterly delicious about it.

That is both scary and exciting all at the same time.  Is there any better feeling though? It’s like safety and adventure all in one package.  It’s like falling but you know there is a safe, warm net to catch you.  The adrenaline rush is intense but I love it.  I feel alive and free.  I feel giddy and I have a perma-goof grin on my face all the time.  I pretty much look like an idiot 24/7 right now.

Can it really be this easy?  He’s the first man I met face to face through the dating app  Once he and I started texting and began getting to know each other it was like a connection formed and slowly a trust began to take shape.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel that again.  Have I found my lobster?  (If you don’t know that reference, you can’t call yourself a true Friends fan.)

That’s all I’m going to say about it right now, but I had to share this exciting development with y’all.  Right now feels like the fastest, most thrilling roller coaster!  It feels sweet and sultry, playful and fun.

I don’t know where this journey is going to ultimately lead me, but damn, I’m enjoying the ride.

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