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New Relationships


Everyone knows one of the best parts of buying a new car is that great new car smell. New relationships have a kind of new relationship smell too, don’t they?  Is this analogy not coming across the way it made sense in my head? Follow me here, guys….

New relationships after being single for so long….after being married for soooooooo long is like a scavenger hunt in the best possible way.  You want to share all the quirks that make you….well, you with that other person so they can be out in the open right from the start while at the same time trying to learn all the things about the other person and creating a Dooey Decimal System card catalogue of all the great, wonderful, funny and creative things about them.  It’s like falling down the rabbit hole of your favorite streaming TV show but with real-life hugs and kisses too.

This is so weird though, you guys! I won’t lie and say I don’t have moments of white-hot fear that strikes from out of nowhere that I’m falling too hard, too soon.  Here’s the thing though, we have so much in common and our lives have intersected for decades and we didn’t even know it.  He feels like home, you guys. He is peaceful and calm.  He is responsible, reliable, he really listens to me and he makes me snort-laugh.  We talk about anything and everything under the sun from really personal to really, really silly and everything in between.  He even met my best friends this weekend and everyone loves him.  He slam dunked the “girlfriend interview” and he’s now part of the group.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel this way again.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to trust again, that someone would accept me for me, scars, body modifications and my….ahem….foul mouth, but he does.  He loves it all.  For the record, the silly finger photo with the snuggly oogly-googly kissy face at the top of this post are our fingers.  The Gentleman is totally down to play my silly games.  He loves to see me smile and laugh and surprises me all the time with ways he can make those things happen.  His favorite thing is to make me giggle and snort-laugh and I eat it up every single time.  He gets my silly and sometimes (most of the time) inappropriate sense of humor and throws it right back at me in stride.  He is so quick-witted and funny I can’t get enough of our banter either over text, on the phone or in person.  It’s really quite sweet.

Ok the sweetness of this post is giving me diabetes.  Let’s rein it in.

So I came home last night after spending the majority of the weekend with The Gentleman and cuddled up with Bruce the Body Pillow and played some Xbox which was nice.  My dog missed me, my adult daughter missed her Mom and we hadn’t had Ramen in a couple of weekends so it was nice to make some Me time to regroup and get myself ready for the week to come.

Tomorrow night The Gentleman has invited my daughter and I over to have dinner with him and his two amazing kids.  He has two of the nicest, most genuinely great teenagers I’ve met in a long time.  They really are fantastic.  My daughter has met one of them, but we get to see the whole group together tomorrow night.  It’s kind of a big deal in my book.  I have no concerns about them all getting along, they will totally love one another.  I think this is the next step in what may be the next step….whatever that is.

The Gentleman has yet to meet my parents or my sister, but I know that is coming soon. I know they will love him too.  But that will be the real test.  I know he loves my crazy, but will he love theirs?  I jest! Of course he will.  I’ve met his Mom and she is absolutely wonderful.  She’s actually a fan of the blog! Everyone wave to The Gentlewoman!!

To get a little serious with y’all, I was happy single.  I was enough for me.  I had control over myself, my environment and my own happiness.  I was quite happy to not allow anyone into my inner sanctum that might upset the apple cart.  I knew, and I wrote many times that the next man I would allow into my life would have to be one heck of a special guy to scale over all the high walls and barbed wire I’d wrapped around my heart.  I think part of me knew that man was out there and if & when it was meant to be, he would find me.  Low and behold….The Gentleman appeared.

The last words my ex husband said to me as I forced him out the front door of our lives was this:

“For the record, you deserve a better man than me.”

You know what? He was right. I do.

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