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It’s been a minute

I’ve been seeing, reading, and saying this motto recently

Getting divorced sucks. Being divorced doesn’t.

I know, it’s been a minute since I last wrote a blog post.  I was really good there for a while, writing and publishing a post every week.  Then The Gentleman happened.  I’m no longer Single & Selfish….well, no longer single anyway.

A still-new relationship with a man who loves to go on adventures and show me new and exciting things, or just hang out together and fall down the rabbit hole of a new series can really take a toll on a gal’s free time. Side note:  Have y’all watched Yellowstone?  Because we are hooked.

I may not be single anymore, but I still think I have something to contribute to the divorced & single community.  I also have plenty to contribute to the following groups:

  • The negative Self-Talk group
  • The has a tendency to get in her own head and second guess a new relationship group
  • The Trust Issues group
  • The still harboring anger at the ex group
  • The Insecure Middle Aged Woman group
  • The Menopause group
  • The Gratitude & Blessings group
  • The Almost Empty Nesters group
  • The Adulting for Dummy’s group

So you see, I have lots I still want and need to tell you guys.  I’m just busy a lot more these days with all the falling in love and getting to know this amazing person in my life.

Yeah, I know – barf.  Love. Gross. Ew.

I feel like with this new chapter of life I find myself taking several steps forward, six, eight, ten….then stumbling a little bit backwards one or two.  I guess that’s normal though, right? This is all new for me and I’m all new to him.  Because y’all, I can be a handful – can you tell?  I laugh too loud, I probably drink too much sometimes, I talk….a lot, I cuss too much (actually I have the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor, thank you very much) and I am one of those obnoxious KETO diet people who turns up her nose at most pasta, bread and potatoes.

I am also adventurous, fun, open to new things and experiences, I love to laugh, I love to love, I love fully and completely and I am overly eager to tell someone how special I think they are.  I count my blessings, I don’t nag, I love to see my special someone smile and I love learning new things.  I love nature, I dislike shopping, and I don’t often like to spend money.  I’m. A. Catch.

I don’t know who I was trying to sell myself to just then, but I think I nailed it.

I’m learning to trust and accept The Gentleman for who he shows me he is.  More importantly, I’m learning to trust me, and learning that even though my default is to lose myself in this relationship, it’s ok to put myself first and take care of myself when I want to.  Tonight for example, I’m home instead of hanging out with that handsome man because I’ve been itching to write and just be quiet.  So this is me listening to my needs and staying in even though I really miss that guy.

I know….Love…ew…gross.

This is fun guys.  It’s a beautiful time of life and I am loving every minute of it.

Tomorrow night, however…I’ll be busy getting kisses from that handsome man and laughing too loud, loving fully and probably cussing like a well-educated sailor.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a minute

  1. I hope to one day live what you are living . I am finally going to file this month. Married 35yrs been with him 38 known him 43yrs . Almost my whole life . For 5 yrs I stuck around waiting for him to change , or maybe even praying that with the cancer he would choose me . Still living in the same house , he has his mistress I have a roof over my head . Hopefully fear will not over power me . ❤️


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