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A New Day


A new day, a new date.

Friends have been reaching out to me since I ended things with The Gentleman, just to make sure I’m really ok, and I am.  I’m good.  I have realized a lot of things recently that have helped me understand how and why I was able to end things with him so suddenly and completely.

I did the thing that we all sometimes do when we get swept up in romance.  I confused the two very fun but complicated L words.  Lust and Love.  When a woman is intimate with someone either physically or emotionally we experience a dump of chemicals that make us feel the same emotions as when we are in love.  It’s my opinion that this is why women have a difficult time having casual sex, we catch the feelings.  It’s all chemical and not real, but to us it feels one hundred percent real.  So there I am two weeks into this new relationship with The Gentleman dropping the L word all over the place.  I face-palm myself now thinking about how he must have thought I was crazy (admittedly a possibility) but that didn’t stop him from saying it back.  We rode the wave until the reality of two strong willed, stubborn people stopped the ride from being fun.  I think he knows I did us both a favor by ending it.

I didn’t wait long before dipping my toe into the dating pool again.  I’ve been chatting up a few people and have made a bold choice….I’m not going to be exclusive with anyone right now.  I just want to have fun, date, be spontaneous (though always careful) and meet new friends.

So tonight I am having dinner with The Chef.  He is a legitimate Chef and we are making home made pasta together and he is going to teach me the history of Caesar Salad.  I’m also spending the night at his place because it’s out of town, but before my mother reads this and takes to her beds with the vapors, let me be clear….he owns a lodge on the coast.  I get my own room, we will go out on his boat and watch the sunrise in the morning and my camera is coming with me to shoot my favorite things: Gators and Birds.  This could either be the working plot for a sweet, romantic storyline or the premise for a slasher film, amiright?  If I survive until the morning I will report back on the outcome.

I jest of course.  We have talked every day and gotten to know each other a little bit and I don’t know why but I trust him.  If of course that changes when I get to his lodge, all bets are off and I’ll pepper spray him and shag ass back home.  I just really don’t think that’s going to happen though.  The fact that I trust him didn’t keep my law enforcement coworkers from playing out every possible violent scenario just to freak me out – but that’s kind of their job.  I have been tasked with reporting in periodically tonight and in the morning with proof of life texts and photos…which I will do.  My phones GPS is on and my location will be shared with several key people at all times.  I’m taking precautions, y’all.  Your girl is not risking her life for pasta.

The Chef is very charismatic and ruggedly handsome.  He has a history that is fascinating to hear stories about as an entertainer, a comedian, a teaching chef, an actor, producer, and a military veteran.  He’s also a Sagittarius so we are very compatible astrologically because we’re both eager for spontaneous adventure and live life to the fullest.  We are either going to be a romance made in heaven or be the best friend we didn’t even know we needed.  Or maybe for a time we can be a little bit of both.  Time will tell.

So there it is.  A first date tonight with a twist.  I’m still Single and Selfish, I’m still eager to find a great adventure and I’m excited to take you and my camera with me.  This chapter unfolding before me is going to be chock full of new experiences and firsts.  I can’t wait.


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