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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, Y’all!  For those of you outside the US, Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates gratitude, family and time together.  It’s a moment for us to acknowledge what we’re grateful for and try not to talk too much politics or religion at the dinner table.  It’s universally considered a successful holiday if no one leaves in tears and no punches are thrown.

I jest….kind of.

We again will be trudging through the snow (wait, this is South Texas…usually Thanksgiving is shorts & flip flops weather) to my sisters house for dinner, a few cocktails and lots of laughter.  This year, as in most years they will provide the meal.  I decided to make a Tiramisu for desert.  I’ve never made one before so I consulted the Oracle Pinterest for guidance.  This recipe doesn’t have raw eggs and was very simple to make.  I’ll insert the link to the recipe here.

Easy Tiramisu Recipe.

I loved the way it turned out and I’m excited to share it with my family.  Granted, I haven’t cut into it yet and don’t know how it will taste but I did get to lick the beaters of the whipped cream and mascarpone cheese that I’d added sugar, vanilla and amaretto to and that was pretty darn tasty so really, how bad could it be?

I find myself very grateful this year for so many things.  I’m grateful for my children and their successes, they are both functioning adults who are adulting pretty well in this confusing time with so many changes in our world.  They are both loving and caring people with minds and opinions of their own.  They are both employed and providing for themselves and successful in their own ways.

I’m grateful for my family, my sister, my brother, my parents and all my extended family scattered around the country.  I wish everyone had a family as full of love, fun and laughter as my family.  I’m grateful we all still get along and enjoy holidays together.  I’m especially grateful for the relationship I have with my siblings.  They are both my blood family as well as my best friends.

I’m grateful for my friends and work family.  When the chips are down I know who my friends are and there are many.  I don’t know any other time in my life when I’ve been blessed with a whole separate family that are no blood relation and only connect with me through our common employer, but I know that if I needed them, they would be there, and I would do the same for them.  It’s just how we roll.

I’m grateful to be single and with grown children who are self sufficient.  I am grateful to be able to lick the beaters fresh out of the whipping cream without having to have an all out rumble with small humans who cry when I don’t want to share.  Basically what it comes down to is I’m grateful I don’t have to share.  No apologies, no excuses.

I’m grateful for my big Queen size bed that I don’t have to share with anyone but Bruce The Body Pillow and maybe Chewy my dog.  My spot has become the center of the bed, spread out, leg slung over Bruce and my six fluffy pillows with satin covers tucked all around me.  Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?  It is.

I’m grateful for my Chewy, also known as Chew-Bug, Pooterbug, Chu-Chu, Butter Bean, Little Man, Big Daddy, The Little General, Scooter, My Buddy, Sweet Baby, Bud, Crazy Dog, Damn Dog and sometimes his full name Chewbacca but only when he’s in trouble.  Chewy is a 7 year old Pekingese Shih Tzu that I got for Christmas back in 2011 as a gift from my ex & my sister.  My sister, incidentally has Chewy’s half brother Spanky.  They look similar but different and absolutely hate each other.  Chewy loves me, hates men and small children and has learned that when he meets new people he barks until they give him a treat, and then he hides either under the bed or the dining room table quietly observing….until the new person gets up and walks around, then the barking commences again.  Chewy gives me unconditional love, he’s always happy to see me, gives me spontaneous tail wags and snuggles and sometimes entertains me with the Happy Dog Dance where he lays on his back and does a version of the Curlie Shuffle.  It’s really the cutest thing ever.


I’m grateful for the Divorce Community here on WordPress as well as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  I know I’ll forget some important friends, but I’m grateful for @F_Divorce, @TheSplendidPath, @TheComplicatedBlonde, @DoingSingleWell, @Single_After_20_Years, @Divorced_Diva_Life, @Stilllearning2b just to name a few.  They have gotten me through times they didn’t even know they had an impact on.  Just through the sharing of their posts, their vulnerability and their honesty, they made it ok for me to be vulnerable and honest with you.

Finally, but most importantly, I’m grateful for YOU!  Those of you who read these blog posts, who like or comment on them and private message me to let me know you have been inspired, or it helped you through a time.  You who let me know you enjoy reading my deeply personal, sometimes silly ramblings about my life and this journey of discovery.  This blog has become my sanity.  It’s become a time capsule of sorts that chronicles the birth of someone I’d never met before.  Me. Now. I like her a lot and I’m really glad you do too.

So today, on this day of National Gratitude – what are you grateful for?  I wish you bountiful tables full of food, laughter and love.  I wish you copious amounts of joy and appreciation today.  Thank you for reading and being my people.  I love you.

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