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Self care


As a society, it’s my opinion that we don’t practice enough self-care.  Especially those of us who are single and hustling every day to make that money, be responsible grown ups, pay the bills, go to jobs and somewhere in there nurture our important relationships. Where in there is time to nurture ourselves?

Lately I’ve been feeling…..depleated.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  The holidays are over and we are well into a new year and I’ve just been blah.  I’m tired, my compassion is fatigued, I am not sleeping the best and I’m in pretty constant pain from my hip and lower back.  I wrote about the chronic pain in my blog post about Goals.  I’m seeing a chiropractor a couple of times a week and doing a daily yoga practice that I’ve keep up since completing the 30 days of yoga challenge in January.  It’s helping but honestly it’s a frustrating journey of two steps forward, one step back most days.

In response to my feelings of being depleted and compassion fatigued I made a decision to take today off.  It’s Friday and I have nothing on the schedule today.  It’s cold here in Texas so I’m snuggling under many blankets with cuddly furbabies all around me and my favorite hoodie on.  I’ve already watched some funny cat videos and I’m on my third cup of coffee.

As a single woman, the breadwinner in my own life, the chief bill payer and bacon bringer of my household I sometimes second guess myself when I think about taking a day off.  A day just for me.  Nothing pressing to manage, no errands to run, just a day to be “should-less”.  I don’t utter the words “I should”….only “I want” on days like today.

A wonderful thing is happening among people around me right now.  I’m seeing more people- particularly women- taking days for themselves.  I try to encourage this among friends, especially my friends with small children, young marriages and those carrying most of the load.  Take a day for yourself.  It will make you a better mother, a better partner, a better employee and a better human.

When you take time for yourself, you provide more of yourself for others.

No one drinks from an empty well.  I have to take days like today, days where I don’t meet anyone elses demands and only listen to what my heart wants, even if that means laying in bed writing, cleaning and organizing my apartment, or plopping down for hours of XBox.  It’s up to me what I get up to on a self-care day.  I don’t allow any guilt to creep in and I give myself permission to cease all hustling for the day.  Just one day.

So today will be a mix of all of those things mentioned above.  I’ll publish this blog post, finish the load of laundry I started, play a few hours of Skyrim, do a little cooking for the next few days and do a little yoga later.  Then tonight I’m getting together with my best friends for a little cackle time over a couple cocktails and food.  That’s self-care too – time with your best friends who refill your love tanks and emotional batteries.

Tomorrow Keanu is coming into town and we will find some adventures together. Keanu is really growing on me, guys.  He’s someone really special and someday I will tell you all about him and all about us.  For some reason I find I really want to keep him all to myself right now.  This one is very different from anyone who has come into my life thus far.

For now I will say adieu and carry on with my caring of self.  I wish you some self-love today, even if it’s a warm cup of soup for lunch or a cold adult beverage with your favorite person after work.  Do something kind for yourself today and I hope you have more Want’s than Should’s today.

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