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The Amazing Power of Women

img_0710I have a confession.  I can be… asshole.

One of my Best Girlfriends is having a bit of a time.  I won’t say she’s struggling, because she’s not – she kicks ass at everything she touches, but she’s admittedly got a lot of balls in the air.  She’s a Mom of some amazing tiny humans and she’s a devoted and supportive wife.  She also works full time, controls a lot of things at work and has recently taken on some new tasks.  She really is a Wonder….a Wonder Woman.  I watch her sometimes and I wonder how she gets it all done and still has time to take care of herself, make time to go to the gym regularly, eat healthy, get her hair done, run a household and still look like a damn Rock Star at work.

So this was me journaling in my Gratitude Journal this morning…”Waa-waa-waa! My friend isn’t paying attention to me and I guess she doesn’t like her friends anymore, she’s just a selfish corporate lady now!” (Totally not what I wrote but looking back, it’s what I feel like I probably sounded like.)

Suddenly I stopped at the sound of my internal Girl Power voice in my head who shook her finger at me and firmly chastised me by saying “Why are you complaining about your best friend being busy with all these new plates she’s been tasked with spinning in the air on top of all of her existing flat-ware?  What you should be doing is offering to help her!  Ask her if there is anything she needs, tell her you see her kicking ass and making all her new plates shine.  Tell her you’re there for her if she needs anything from a cup of coffee she doesn’t have to make to just listening to her sigh heavily and let her just sit and be still without having to entertain your spoiled ass.  Get over yourself and BE A FRIEND!”

So that’s exactly what I did.  I felt like a total spoiled brat for being annoyed at my friend not being available sometimes and reached out to her to tell her I saw her.  I see you!  I see you making brave changes and lifting others up.  I see you encouraging other women on a daily basis and I want you to know I’m encouraging you.  I see you being really busy with what you’ve got going on both at work and at home.  I promise to be here when you need a break, a glass of wine, a vent session or some laughter.  I love you because you’re one of my best friends and I am proud to be in your circle.  I will support you and cheer you on through every stage of your existence.  You have me because that’s what we do as Women.

Women supporting other women….amiright?  We are a Powerhouse when we get together to back each other up.  We are teaching our daughters what it means to be a strong woman, and we’re teaching our boys what kind of woman they want as a partner. We are setting examples for future generations – le sigh…even if we don’t think the future generation is listening…they are.  We just need to continue holding our heads up, locking arms with one another, nodding at our predecessors in solidarity and moving forward with dignity and grace.  We need to continue being Boss Ass Babes!

And I’m legit 100% honest when I tell you I didn’t know it was International Women’s Day today.  I totally didn’t.  I just love my friend.  I love being a woman and I love when I see us build each other up and tell each other “You’re doing great!”

To the woman in the grocery store at 6:00 pm with the screaming toddler and the hungry infant just trying to get something to make for dinner, I see you.  You’re doing great.   To the Corporate executive who feels like she’s always one step behind the men, I see you. You’ll get there, I believe in you. To the Teacher who has crayon under her fingernails and had to fill out 30 progress reports before the end of the day and still has homework to grade, I see you. You’re fucking killing it.

Dignity and muthafuckin Grace, y’all!

Happy International Women’s Day, My Sistah’s!

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