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Crushing like a 15 year old


Let’s just change my name to Swoony McSwoonerton, shall we?

Remember back in Middle School when you had a crush?  A boy or girl who just seemed like the best thing since sliced bread and you admired them from afar and imagined what it would be like to have them like you back and go to the mall or to the record store together and hold hands?


I’m a 48 year old woman and I’ve got a crush.  A BIG crush on a man a far, far, very long way away who is single and healing from betrayal but….ahem….he’s crushing on me too!

Group squeal here Ladies!

He and I connected on Twitter of all things.  TWITTER!  The social media I’ve been on the longest in various identities.  But the Single and Selfish Twitter (link below) is the most fun I’ve had on Twitter since 2009.  I’ve got a family of friends, supporters, hecklers and like minded single folks who are all trying to figure out this adulting thing and one of them is The Guy.  I’m not going to out him here….it’s not fair to him, but suffice it to say we are in Deep Crush Territory.

It’s funny – crushing at 48 feels almost just like it did when we were 15.  Except we know what all our parts are and what they do when combined in the right way.  This crushing isn’t tawdry or trampy though, it’s pretty G-rated crushing.  There’s no sexting, there’s no pictures of body parts exchanged, it’s just flirting and texting with lovely, good natured feeling words.  He’s a good man and he is a fan on the blog, so I know he’s going to read this. (Hey!….text me later!)

It feels so good to feel this way again.  There is no possible way we could get together unless we made some big moves to travel, but it doesn’t matter.  We are developing this oh, so sweet friendship that makes both of us smile and gives us the “what if” vibes.  You know the “what if” vibe….we all know how it feels to look at someone and fantasize what it would be like to be with them, go on a date with them, kiss them….(insert girlish giggle here.)

I am having the most fun flirting with this adorable man and he’s having a blast flirting back.  He says I help him see there is a light at the end of the dark and heavy tunnel of betrayal and heartbreak.  He’s trying out his moves on me and I’m hopefully bringing his Man-Card out of hibernation to give him a taste of what mutual attraction feels like in 2019 even if we never have a moment in the same room together.

Flirting is fun and it’s harmless as long as both of you are free and available.  Flirting is an ego boost and it makes for those pesky butterflies in the belly when you hear your phone chime and you know there’s a message waiting for you.  Is it him?  Is it her?  Did they Tweet?  Slide into my DM’s?  Did they text?  What are they doing right now?

It’s so sweet I just got about 23 cavities.

So there ya go.  This post is light and fun and just sharing with you, my readers, what it’s like being a middle-aged woman with a Twitter crush.  It’s pretty fantastic and I’m loving every minute of it.

You know who you are, my secret Twitter Crush.  Just want to tell you that you make for a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying every second of it.  Thanks for making me feel all the butterflies.  You are my favorite thing…..Yeah…crushing.

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