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My love affair with…


Twitter.  It seems be be getting a new push and is a super active and dare I say hip place to be.  Now, I’ve been on Twitter for over ten years in various account manifestations.  I started my very first account after breast cancer and as a means to connect to other breast cancer survivors, get support, give support, meet new people, make new friends, blindly fire off 140 character monologues while over indulging in a few cold adult beverages or even better, when I was super mad or sad, or lonely and didn’t have someone to talk to.  There were Tweet-up’s where a few locals who we only knew by their Twitter handles would get together at a local coffee shop or at a restaurant and get to know one another.  I still have close friends today that I would never have met had it not been for Twitter and those tweet-ups.  One of them designed the logo for this blog! Hey @Melted.Zipper!

I have since started, shut down, forgotten the passwords and handles for many more Twitter accounts, but when I started this blog and found that I could secure the Twitter account for @SingleanSelfish I jumped at it.  I’ve found a vast group of people, young, older, first responders, betrayed spouses, sober addicts, poets, writers, photographers, artists….friends.  They inspire me, they sometimes challenge me to think outside the box, they collect me in their digital arms and encourage me as I do for them.  I’m beginning to develop a persona there as their Internet Mom.  I sometimes post videos on Twitter of me encouraging the Twitter Fam and each video starts with “Oh hey! Just your Internet Mom here….”

I see people on Twitter supporting one another, busting one another’s balls in a friendly way and making it a pretty entertaining place.  Twitter also has the absolute best collection of funny meme’s and gif’s.  Who thinks these things up? It boggles my mind sometimes the amount of collective humor there is in one social media platform.

You know what else boggles my mind?  The amount of love, care, support and as one of my best Twitter buddies put it, unconventional counseling that occurs on Twitter.  The knowledge bombs that are dropped on a daily, sometimes hourly basis on Twitter peppered in with the tweets about farts, nudes, kids eating boogers and the proper enunciation of the word twat.  I’ve seen messages from people who are absolutely broken inside, who have been emotionally leveled and the tweets of support and love that have come out of the Tribe they have built are pretty inspiring.

I’ve been told there are trolls and hate on the internet.  I have been blessed to not have experienced it and I’m not really sure why that is.  I post quite a bit and as a reader of this blog you know I don’t shy away from sharing the deets so I’m gratefully flummoxed as to why I haven’t had any internet creeps try to slide into my DM’s with messages of shame and sin. Perhaps I should not borrow trouble though and maybe I should delete this entire paragraph.  I won’t of course.  Bring it Internet! (not really, I bruise easily)

I also get exposed to words, phrases, new cuss words, and streams of consciousness tweets that kind of blow my mind.  This morning I read one in a tweet about the pros and cons of manifesting what you think you want and the writer used the phrase “I’ll give you a moment to unpretzel your brain”.  I mean come on!! Unpretzel your brain.  I immediately wanted to write a blog post using that line and looky there, I just did it.

Twitter is pretty much my favorite place to be.  I have my TC (Twitter Crush) there and new friends who share many things in common with me.  I follow people who are in the same industry as I am and we find some kind of solace with sharing moments of our day with one another and a commonality there.  Is commonality a word? ( search proves it is, noun, the state or condition of being communal, feeling a spirit of cooperation and belonging arising from common interests and goals)

There is a freedom on Twitter that I don’t find in other social media platforms.  I don’t follow influencers who want to schlep makeup or hair tools, I don’t follow celebrities who want to promote their big budget movie or post pictures of their vast riches.  I follow normal people, from all over the world, who have different senses of humor, tastes in food, music, art, poetry who write 280 character masterpieces and make me snort-laugh with gif’s of puppies attacking the inside of a giant teddy bear or make me cringe at the image of the vagankle (S&S is not responsible for the emotional scaring incurred if you image search what a vagankle is).

I guess you can tell I’m having a rabid love affair with Twitter.  We are hot and heavy in a firy passionate embrace with one another.  As a matter of fact, I must go directly there to get my daily dose of memes and gif’s, tell some people good morning and maybe post an Internet mom video later.  Who knows? See ya on the Twitter flip side Tweeps!

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