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Yep! My lifestyle & self care blog is briefly becoming a recipe and cooking blog.  Isn’t cooking part of self care though?  I think it is.

We could go all kinds of directions with this post, cooking for one, weight loss with low carb, Keto, meal prep, cooking for the joy of it, or all the above.

I’ve been eating Keto, or low carb, higher fat, moderate protein for over a year now.  I started it in preparation for the cruise I took last year with a group of girlfriends.  That was an experience, let me tell you!  I successfully lost almost 50 pounds in about four months and kept it off, even losing more once I got back from vacation.  I know there is controversy over whether the Keto diet is healthy or not, but for me, my body just feels better when I control carbs.  I also like what the increased fat in the form of avocado’s and coconut oil is doing to my skin.  I don’t eat piles and piles of bacon, as a matter of fact, I haven’t had bacon in quite a while.  My fats come from healthy sources and my nutrients come from whole foods, I have very little processed food in my diet.

Since I was formally diagnosed with advanced arthritis and bone spurs and accepted the fact I was facing full hip replacement surgery, as well as declining to the point of using a cane daily, I admit I’ve slumped into a bit of depression and self pity.  I think I’m probably not alone in my reaction to a huge life change like major surgery and losing a large bone joint in the process.  So I’ve found myself emotionally eating and it’s beginning to show on the scale.

One of the things my surgeon complimented me on when he recommended surgery was that I was a great candidate for surgery because I maintain a healthy weight, so I didn’t want to do myself a disservice by sabotaging my recuperation with hefty weight gain so after a few weeks of eating whatever sounded comforting, I have climbed back onto the Keto bandwagon and I began cooking again this weekend.

I started with low carb pancakes.  I have done the Pinterest route of searching for low carb pancakes with poor results.  I’ve tried a couple of recipes and wasn’t impressed with the outcome.  One was a complete fail.  I knew I wanted to utilize the abundance of eggs in my refrigerator, as well as the coconut flour I had in my pantry.  I came up with a recipe on my own – it may be duplicated somewhere and I just haven’t found it, but this is simply what I came up with on my own in my own kitchen.

Keto Pancakes

2 eggs beaten

2 Tbsp half & half

2 Tsp coconut flour

1/8 Tsp baking powder

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Coconut oil for skillet

Beat everything together (except the coconut oil) and let the batter stand for ten minutes to allow the coconut flour to plump and hydrate with the liquids. Spoon onto hot skillet (batter will still be pretty thin) greased with coconut oil and watch carefully until the pancake is partially set and flip to cook the other side. I’ve found it takes less than a minute per side. I used sugar free syrup and enjoyed.


Note that with a little less coconut flour, perhaps 2 Tsp rather than 3 and skip the cinnamon, this could easily become a low carb crepe recipe. Add your favorite filling and a quick sauce and you’re good to go. Add more coconut flour and I’m pretty sure I could come up with a low carb tortilla but I’m still working that one out.

I’ve found that cooking this weekend has really helped me feel more in control of my environment. I was able to get my meal prep done and even freeze a couple of meals for after my surgery. Cooking has always been something I’ve enjoyed when the mood strikes. Being single, it’s been a challenge to learn how to cook for one rather than for a family of four as I did for so many years, but I’m taking it in stride and doing a lot of freezing and controlling my portions.

What do you think? Do y’all like this idea of cooking blogs? Would you be interested in more posts that include low carb recipes that I come up with? I’m no chef by any means, but I do seem to have a knack for throwing a meal together and know what will taste good. I’m also not opposed to getting my hands dirty if it means I get to eat something yummy where I know where all the ingredients come from.

If you like this type of thing, let me know in the comments. I also managed to whip up a pretty amazing Keto pizza with spaghetti squash as the crust. If you’d like to see that in an upcoming post I’d be happy to share what I did to make it, what I plan to change in the future and how it tasted.

What have you been cooking up lately? Do you have recipes for low carb or Keto options that you’d like me to test out or that you’ve perfected that you’d like to share? I’d love to know what y’all are eating.

Take care and I’ll see you on the flip side.


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