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Is vulnerability a dirty word?

Vulnerability. I had an interaction with someone I care about recently that made me feel really vulnerable. It basically made me feel like my heart was outside of my body and exposed to the elements and it was oh so very unprotected. It felt as though giving a piece of my heart to this person… Continue reading Is vulnerability a dirty word?


The art of f*cking up

I try really hard to not make the same mistake twice. My mom always said if I got in trouble for something I never got caught doing it again. Is this meant to say that I never did that thing again? Or that I never got caught again? Who's to know? I'd like to think… Continue reading The art of f*cking up

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So this happened…

So here we are again, guys.  Yep.  I broke my kneecap.  I'm currently stuck in bed again with an ice pack.  It's honestly something I've had a hard time talking about because I just can't believe I'm here again. It was Wednesday when I was simply walking - and POP.  I felt a pop, and… Continue reading So this happened…