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A few little things….

Valentines Day’s a-coming!

This is pretty much how I feel walking down my grocery store seasonal isle. So don’t go down the isle you say? But it’s the one nearest the hooch!

But really – I care very little about Valentines Day. It’s a made up holiday created by the Greeting Card companies and Candy manufacturers and you can’t get into a restaurant if you tried to bribe the hostess. It’s just silly and I’m opting out.

Maybe I’ll buy myself chocolates and a card….maybe even flowers to be delivered to my work with a big balloon that says “I’m dating myself….and I think I’ve found the one!” Do they make cards that say I’m going to marry myself and live happily ever after? Perhaps with a small pack of double A batteries tied with a bow? That would be frigging hilarious, wouldn’t it? (Taps chin…wonders if she really has the cajones to do it.)

Though I have started dating again. Well, talking to some really nice people and making plans for dates. That’s been fun. I’m heading into week seven post knee surgery and I’ve been back to work for a couple weeks, doing my physical therapy like a good girl and my body is responding like the Champ She is!

Tree Pose

Along with Physical Therapy, I’ve also started doing my yearly tradition of 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I’ve done this for myself for the past several years, thinking it was helping my hip, not knowing my poor hip (RIP Hazel) was long past her expiration date and couldn’t be saved. DNR. Glue Factory. She was donezo with the funzo. So this year, I was really eager to see if my yoga practice would be different with Betty, what I lovingly call my new hip.

Y’all! Do you see the pose in the picture above? That’s tree pose. I haven’t been able to put my feet together like that in YEARS! I’m talking at least five years if not more. I’m able to do poses I haven’t been able to do….ever. Every time I step on the yoga mat it’s like Christmas. I can push my body to new edges and find new ways to bend and grow my yoga practice. It has been an amazing journey.

Along with my yoga practice, a lot is changing within me. There was a time I would have entertained dating anyone who showed interest and seemed not to be on the run for felony warrants. These days, I’m much more choosy. I refuse to choose another fixer-upper, no broken toys, no one that needs me to rescue them. This time I want to only entertain gentlemen who already have their preverbal shit together. They must be able to add to my life in some way, otherwise, I’m really not interested. So time will tell if any of them will make it to the Blog. Stay tuned for updates.

I’ve already begun my one goal for 2020 – to be more active in the culture in my city. I attended an art installation this weekend with my sister and we both brought our cameras. It was a wonderfully creative exhibit and we had a great time wandering around the sculptures and art hangings and taking photos. It was also nice to spend more time with my sweet, always encouraging sister. We always have fun together and our Sisterhood is so easy – she’s my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dinner before my brother & his lovely lady left.

Recently it was my Mom’s 80th birthday and we got a surprise visit from my older brother all the way from Southern California. What wonderful memories were made that long weekend. Family really is everything. We have to drink it all in and savor every moment we have with our loved ones. The connections we make with the ones we hold dearest is really the only thing we can take with us when we depart this mortal coil.

Have you ever thought about that? Let that sink in and sit with it a moment. The connections we make, the love we grow with the ones closest to us is the singular thing we can take with us when we die. Not our money, not our homes, not our possessions, not even our corporate titles and awards….just the love that we made and the connections that we cultivated. That is what’s important. Simply that.

On that note, I’m going to go settle into one-legged pigeon pose….because I can- on both sides! It really is my favorite thing these days. I love the way my body finally works like it should. Please don’t take your mobility for granted, kids. Some day you may not have it, and living in a body that doesn’t work right can sometimes feel like a prison. Nurture your body and fix it if something isn’t right. Your future self will thank you. Take care of one another and take care of yourself.

Cheers, kids!

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