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Two dates, an Athiest & a Magician

Side-Eye Susan photo credit: Me I've discovered that I'm the type of woman that can tell in two dates if there is hope of a future date. That, along with the ability to fold a fitted sheet appear to be my super powers. I had two dates this weekend, with the same guy. We'll call… Continue reading Two dates, an Athiest & a Magician

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F¥cking Valentine’s Day

I woke up with a serious bee in my bonnet today. It’s Valentine’s Day again and I 👏🏼 Hate 👏🏼 It👏🏼!! It’s the dumbest holiday if you’re single. It’s the sweetest holiday if you’re happily in love. Bleh!! Gross! Gag me with a chocolate spoon. I’ve been rather venomous on social media today, spewing my… Continue reading F¥cking Valentine’s Day

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Sticking your neck out

That's all dating is, really...finding two people who want to stick their neck out and see if there might be a match. I've been getting a few messages wondering how the second date with Car Guy went. It wasn't great. I think what I took away from that date was something that Maya Angelou once… Continue reading Sticking your neck out