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This is going to be gross

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I warned you. This is going to be a gag-fest if you’re single and salty. Maybe that should have been my monicker instead of Single & Selfish. I digress…if you are one of my people who is anti love and anti relationship- which is totally ok!! You do you, Boo-Boo; you may want to click out of this blog post and sit this one out.

For those of you who stayed, here it goes. This is a scary time. We are facing a global pandemic and people are being asked to quarantine in place. People are losing their jobs, their schooling, their childcare, their paycheck, their social connection. People aren’t able to find formula or diapers for their babies and families are worried about food scarcity and don’t even get me started on the mass run on toilet paper. People are hoarding and it’s not pretty. It’s selfish and undignified, ungrateful and pardon my French, but it’s fucking shitty to hog up all the resources so the rest of us in this same scary situation have to do without. We can do better than this.

So while I admit I’m scared and overwhelmed with what we are facing as a country and the sacrifices we are being asked to make as a human race, I’m also falling deeply in love with The Judge. It’s just so good. So very good that I am basking in a sunshine filled, break out in a musical number, only want to be with him, holed up to happily quarantine together, content to talk about any little thing or even just sit quietly next to one another, unable to believe this kind of love really existed.

The Judge and I spend every weekend together and I sleep over several times a week. How many hours is that together? I don’t know, but it’s a lot and ya know what? We have yet to turn the TV on. We seem to never run out of things to talk about, stories of the times our careers have crossed over in the last 14 years we’ve known one another, stories of his law enforcement career with people that we both know and love, finding even more things that we have in common, identifying birds that fly to his feeders and visit his country yard, plans we have for the future, kisses, snuggles, making meals together, enjoying a cocktail or two, just being a couple. It feels like we’ve been a couple forever. It’s not work. Not a moment of it. It’s just lovely. It’s just love.

So Coronavirus can come bring its nasty self and we will weather the storm. While we see the severity and impact it’s having on those around us and around the world, we still find ourselves gazing into each other’s eyes and still asking “how is this possible that you were right under my nose all this time?”

It’s been a fast fall, we both know and realize that people won’t understand and think we’re rushing headfirst into something that will burn itself out in the end. I sure hope that isn’t the case and I really don’t think it will be. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my person. My other half, a mate to my soul. Ok, even I gagged a little typing that. I have never believed in Romantic Soulmates- I think Soulmates are people you’ve agreed to share multiple lives with and are very rarely Romantic. But on our first dinner date, as we were walking to his vehicle to go to the restaurant I stopped him and looked him in they eyes and said “Something in my soul recognizes something in your soul. How is that even possible?!” He simply smiled at me and said “I know! It’s crazy isn’t it?”

So while we both face the reality of having to have our temperatures taken before we can enter our places of business, while we have to make special precautions to make sure we can purchase the barest of necessities needed to live and all of our meals are cooked at home, we aren’t complaining one bit as long as if we have to shelter in place, we can shelter together. Even my dog Chewbacca loves his property with room to run and seemingly endless trees to pee on. It’s just so nice not to be alone during this scary time.

I hope you’re staying healthy and safe. I hope your paychecks and jobs are secure and that you have some kind of sense of security around you. I hope you have formula for your babies and toilet paper for your hiney. I hope the beer, gin & wine is plentiful and that there is enough bandwidth to supply all of us to stream TikTok videos and Netflix. So go wash your hands again and look at the bright side of this- the water in Venice is clear & there are fish in the canals again. The sky is blue over China because the factories are shut down for quarantine. Mother Nature is flexing on us and showing us how resilient She really is…

And this 49 year old Texas gal is in love with A retired cop & Judge and is ready to ride off into the sunset for a happily ever after.

We’re all going to be ok, Folks.

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