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Love in the time of Quarantine

What a crazy time in the world for all of us. We are all experiencing this same insanity in real time all together as a planet and while it’s scary, it’s also a beautiful time in my personal life. I asked on Twitter if people wanted to read a new blog post, but that it likely would just be about my falling in love with The Judge and how lovely our lives are becoming during this crazy, scary time.

We became a couple right at the beginning of all this craziness and we both agree that if this COVID-19 were happening with anyone else it would be both frustrating and debilitating to say the least, but we are loving this forced alone time, in the country, at his home, with my dog and his cat, and the many birds that are populating the area and making babies even though the world is in turmoil and strife at the moment.

I began spending just a few nights a week here at his house, but it has quickly turned into 6, if not 7 nights a week with him, holed up at the house, not seeing a single soul, just he and I and our critters, endless kisses and finding new things in the deep freeze to dig out and cook together. We still have yet to turn on the television, outside of the nightly news updates on what the world is experiencing and how this crazy virus is changing the way we are living on a daily basis.

If I may get super mushy here, I have never believed in Soulmates before. I thought it was bullshit and that there are souls that we recognize from heaven or from previous lives that may enter into our lives for a season or for a reason, I never bought into the idea that there was a soul out there that would answer the call that I didn’t even realize my sould was calling out for. But I’ve found him, The Judge. He is my soul mate and we have yet to find a single thing that we don’t have in common. I recently learned of the term “Twin Flames” where a soul is split it two and one may search their entire lives looking for their other half of the flame, but once they find their twin flame it is purly magical. That’s what this is.

I have told him things about my life, my previous relationships, the year of sex, the things that make me soft and squishy inside and even make me uncomfortable and he’s shared the same with me. When we are together, we are Home. So this quarantine time together has been a comfortable adventure. We are so completely at peace with one another, any thoughts of stress or strife simply slip away. It’s beautiful and frankly, if you get 17 cavities from reading all of this blather, I’m sorry, not sorry. It’s the best relationship I’ve ever experienced and the most content I’ve ever been in my entire 49 year life.

Back when we first started seeing each other, I was scared, I still had my walls up, I was still protecting my heart and keeping him just slightly outside of my heart. Then I learned that he is retired law enforcement before he became a Judge and my heart instandly opened. I’m in law enforcement and I know the heart and soul the officers that I work with, and the majority of the officers in the world. Sure, there are some officers who shouldn’t wear the badge and give it a bad name, but those are far and few between and that isn’t what this blog post is about so please don’t come for me in the comments. The point is, when I learned he had a distinguished law enforcement career and retired from a neighboring agency with a stellar reputation, I knew instantly, like God tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey….Wendi….this is the One I’ve been saving for you.” It brings tears to my eyes to remember that moment and I knew that my heart was safe with him. It was then that I let my walls down fully and let him have full access to all of my heart.

This time in our lives is crazy….we’re all quarantined, some of us – myself and The Judge luckily are still working because crime and justice never stop, but when we aren’t at work, we are socked up here in our little nest in the country and loving every minute of it.

I will put in print right here and now – I will marry this man in 2021. We will be living together full time by the end of 2020. We will be engaged by the end of the year and he will be my forever. This is the man that I was meant to find and this is the life I was waiting to live. He is my Soulmate.

Has it been worldwind fast? Yes! It blows both our minds and we know few will understand it, so we don’t even try to explain it. It has been….in a word….magical, blessed, extrordinary and rare. Those are the words that we use with each other every day. It’s been utterly unbelieveable. We’ve both heard about this type of thing happening but never believed it could be real. Both of us thought it was things of fairytales.

But it’s real, ya’ll. And I’m living it.

The photo at the top of the page is from this sweet little bungalow we are quarantined in, it’s been planted since 2017 and has never bloomed until I lived here and suddenly it’s currently covered in at least 7 Passion Flowers. If the name of that flower doesn’t describe our life right now, then I don’t know what does.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands and let’s nip this nasty bitch of a virus in the ass. Let’s get to the other side of this together and begin living again. Be well and please sound of on Twitter, FB or in the comments and let me know how you’re doing. We will get through this because we are all in this together.

Cheers & brush your teeth because this post is guaranteed to give you 27 cavities.

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