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Panty Check!

So funny thing about The Judge, he is the ultimate prankster. He loves nothing more than pulling a light hearted fast one on someone he cares about or respects….the fart spray and fox urine incidents not included. I didn’t witness or fall victim to the noxious sprays but have heard him retell the stories of the pranks with tears in his eyes because he can’t stop giggling.

So let me set the scene for what has become an ongoing prank in this household. By the way- I’m pretty much moved in, I still have my apartment and my lease is good until the end of the year, and my daughter, aka Spawn is enjoying being head of her own household for the first time ever. I have moved my coffee pot over, as well as my big jewelry armoire and I have a couple weeks worth of clothes here, but I digress….the first night I spent here I…ahem….forgot a pair of panties when I left. They are a little black lacy number that are really comfortable but our old friend The Judge refuses to give them back to me.

Then the game began. I started finding these black panties in different places all around the house. Once I find them and yell “Panty Check!” He giggles and then finds a new spot to hide them. The hiding spots started really simply and they were pretty much out in the open. I’ve found them hanging from the kitchen light fixture, from one of his mounted ducks, from an antique sword he has hanging over his front door, and even tucked inside the coffee ground canister- safely shielded from the grounds by a paper towel. I’ll insert a few photos here.

Then there was the time he put them on the antenna of his vehicle, thinking I would see them when I went out to do some laundry but I missed them…he then proceeded to leave for town- we live in the country- and forgot they were on his antenna and the wind caught them just right and off they flew to only God knows where…he was heart broken that our game was over. That is, until he went searching for them in the light of day and sure enough found them just outside our little country subdivision and the game was back on!

Currently, the panties are hidden somewhere really clever and I’ve yet to find them….yet. He has hidden them he says, in plain sight but has hinted that they may be camouflaged. I am…in a word, stumped. I could admit defeat and he would show me where they are but I don’t give up that easy. I am determined to find these blasted knickers if it kills me. So the game is still afoot.

Since we work with a lot of the same people and as a retired cop, I have heard stories from colleagues about his pranks over the years and I have kept my eyes open for his shifty, hilarious shenanegans, but one thing I didn’t expect was how much fun, laughter and surprise I would benefit from in a relationship with him. He makes me laugh to almost tears every single day. I didn’t realize how important that is to me. With this man, I don’t have to worry about the future, he has everything all planned out, hes stable and wants nothing more than to take care of me and provide as worry-free of a future as he can.

We have a trip planned to New Mexico that was supposed to happen this month, but we all know travel isn’t an option now, so we have rescheduled it for the Fall and I only hope this tragic virus gives us a break so we can travel and see the beautiful hills and mountains of New Mexico and he can show me his favorite places on a peaceful road trip. I have to wonder if the panties will come along with us for some playful pranks along the way. Who knows… but I can’t wait to find out.

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