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Cabrito Tacos! The Recipe

I made some amazing tacos this past week and I shared it on Twitter and had several people ask me for the recipe. So here it is. I am really trying to find a new voice on my new blog site The Next Chapter so I hope you like it.

You can substitute beef, pork or even chicken for this recipe.

It’s new territory for me – not writing, I write all the time, but switching from single and selfish blog topics, dating, divorce, pain, processing that pain in a healthy way (most of the time) to now writing from a place of calm, peace and happiness. Life is pretty complete now and I don’t have any complaints – not a single one.

I hope you visit the new blog and subscribe. It’s a work in progress and things will grow and change as they should. All good things ahead!

Now go make tacos! Here’s the link to the recipe. Cabrito Tacos. Yes…GOAT!

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