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Single & Selfish…What I’ve learned

As I round the bases on the third year of being single – yes, it's been three years. I know! I can't believe it either. Next month, November 16th will be the third anniversary of the day my marriage imploded. The anniversary of the day I came to the sudden and quite world shattering realization… Continue reading Single & Selfish…What I’ve learned

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Finding what was once lost

I was having a chat with one of my best friends recently and they were retelling what hobbies they had put down during their long marriage for one reason or another, either it was something their spouse didn't appreciate or want to do or they felt their time was better utilized with the family. There… Continue reading Finding what was once lost

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Yep! My lifestyle & self care blog is briefly becoming a recipe and cooking blog.  Isn't cooking part of self care though?  I think it is. We could go all kinds of directions with this post, cooking for one, weight loss with low carb, Keto, meal prep, cooking for the joy of it, or all… Continue reading Cooking!