Announcing: Single & Selfish is engaged!

It's true! Come over to my other blog, The Next Chapter and read all about it. You'll read all about the proposal itself, and more importantly see the ring! Bling Bling alert! It's a sparkly one! Is this unapologetically click bait? Yes it is. Unapologetically. Now go! Shoo! Go ooh and aww at my ring… Continue reading Announcing: Single & Selfish is engaged!


Rear view reflections

I have a few friends who are in the trenches right now. Experiencing betrayal on the most intimate level and the emotional roller coasters are really rough. While it's hard to watch your friends be in the depths of despair and wrought with trauma, I also know there is a light at the end of… Continue reading Rear view reflections


Judge & I: The Origin Story

Would you like to read about how The Judge and I met and how long of a history we have? We've known and worked together for a long. If someone had told us 14 years ago that we'd someday fall in love and move in together - we'd have both called them crazy. If you'd… Continue reading Judge & I: The Origin Story


The After

Remember back last year when I wrote a blog post about there is an After? Yeah, take a second and go read that one again. It’s a good bit of information and I am reminded again today, on what would have been my 24th wedding anniversary that there is indeed an After and I have… Continue reading The After

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Cabrito Tacos! The Recipe

I made some amazing tacos this past week and I shared it on Twitter and had several people ask me for the recipe. So here it is. I am really trying to find a new voice on my new blog site The Next Chapter so I hope you like it. You can substitute beef, pork… Continue reading Cabrito Tacos! The Recipe


Drumroll Please

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to..... After weeks of teasing, setting up a new Twitter account and a Facebook page, modifying and navigating a new WordPress blog site, it's up and running. Instagram will follow I'm sure, so if you're so inclined - go check it out. Follow, comment, tell me… Continue reading Drumroll Please

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The Next Chapter

So here’s the thing. The Single & Selfish thing has pretty much run its course. I am for all intents and purposes, living full time with The Judge. I still have my apartment- my lease isn’t up until the end of the year, but I’d rather spend every night with him. It’s that great. This… Continue reading The Next Chapter

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Panty Check!

So funny thing about The Judge, he is the ultimate prankster. He loves nothing more than pulling a light hearted fast one on someone he cares about or respects....the fart spray and fox urine incidents not included. I didn't witness or fall victim to the noxious sprays but have heard him retell the stories of… Continue reading Panty Check!

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Love in the time of Quarantine

What a crazy time in the world for all of us. We are all experiencing this same insanity in real time all together as a planet and while it's scary, it's also a beautiful time in my personal life. I asked on Twitter if people wanted to read a new blog post, but that it… Continue reading Love in the time of Quarantine

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This is going to be gross

Screenshot from on Pinterest I warned you. This is going to be a gag-fest if you’re single and salty. Maybe that should have been my monicker instead of Single & Selfish. I digress...if you are one of my people who is anti love and anti relationship- which is totally ok!! You do you, Boo-Boo;… Continue reading This is going to be gross