The lies we tell ourselves

Lies are dangerous. Lies are toxic. Lies can be disastrous if left untouched. They are never healthy and obviously can destroy relationships. We all know that, we've all seen that. I lied. I lied to myself and my friends. I lied to my partner, and it ended our relationship. I severed our relationship because I… Continue reading The lies we tell ourselves


Rear view reflections

I have a few friends who are in the trenches right now. Experiencing betrayal on the most intimate level and the emotional roller coasters are really rough. While it's hard to watch your friends be in the depths of despair and wrought with trauma, I also know there is a light at the end of… Continue reading Rear view reflections


The After

Remember back last year when I wrote a blog post about there is an After? Yeah, take a second and go read that one again. It’s a good bit of information and I am reminded again today, on what would have been my 24th wedding anniversary that there is indeed an After and I have… Continue reading The After

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Two dates, an Athiest & a Magician

Side-Eye Susan photo credit: Me I've discovered that I'm the type of woman that can tell in two dates if there is hope of a future date. That, along with the ability to fold a fitted sheet appear to be my super powers. I had two dates this weekend, with the same guy. We'll call… Continue reading Two dates, an Athiest & a Magician

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F¥cking Valentine’s Day

I woke up with a serious bee in my bonnet today. It’s Valentine’s Day again and I 👏🏼 Hate 👏🏼 It👏🏼!! It’s the dumbest holiday if you’re single. It’s the sweetest holiday if you’re happily in love. Bleh!! Gross! Gag me with a chocolate spoon. I’ve been rather venomous on social media today, spewing my… Continue reading F¥cking Valentine’s Day

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Sticking your neck out

That's all dating is, really...finding two people who want to stick their neck out and see if there might be a match. I've been getting a few messages wondering how the second date with Car Guy went. It wasn't great. I think what I took away from that date was something that Maya Angelou once… Continue reading Sticking your neck out

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A First Date, Sheep & Loaves of Beautiful Bread

Every time I start to seriously join a dating site I get the vapors. Not gassy, exactly...but, I get really anxious. It's not a fun feeling. Putting yourself out there, waiting to see if you're good enough. Feeling like a sheep...or as one of my oldest friend says "Sheeple". We select our finest photos, write… Continue reading A First Date, Sheep & Loaves of Beautiful Bread

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Here’s the thing…Dating, Man.

Raw, unedited, hair a mess, collar akimbo, Me. Dating is a challenge. You think you want something one day and then some time goes by and you’re not so sure you want it anymore. There was a time when dating was whatever was put before me. If I found myself attracted to someone I threw… Continue reading Here’s the thing…Dating, Man.

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A few little things….

Valentines Day’s a-coming! This is pretty much how I feel walking down my grocery store seasonal isle. So don't go down the isle you say? But it's the one nearest the hooch! But really - I care very little about Valentines Day. It's a made up holiday created by the Greeting Card companies and Candy… Continue reading A few little things….

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The Lonely Servants Heart

I have to own something, Y'all. These last several months have been the hardest for me since the first few months after the divorce. I know me - and I am a survivalist. I survive. When I'm in the thick of it, I'm Game-On. My exterior is tight and my Poker Face is strong. I… Continue reading The Lonely Servants Heart