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So this happened…

So here we are again, guys.  Yep.  I broke my kneecap.  I'm currently stuck in bed again with an ice pack.  It's honestly something I've had a hard time talking about because I just can't believe I'm here again. It was Wednesday when I was simply walking - and POP.  I felt a pop, and… Continue reading So this happened…

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My Man, Johnny Walker

Day after tomorrow is the big day! Hazel the Hip gets her official eviction and I get a brand new hip joint and socket.  Queue the ticker tape parade, ribbons, dancers and marching band. I purposely went on a dating hiatus, deactivated my dating apps, focused on myself and my body, preparing my mind for… Continue reading My Man, Johnny Walker

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Lil Miss Independent asks for help

You all know I suffer from The Curse.  The Curse of the Independent Woman.  I don't need a man, I don't need a relationship.  I don't need anyone to pay my bills or take care of my home or anything else.  I'm like a stubborn toddler with a spoon and a jar of peanut butter..."I… Continue reading Lil Miss Independent asks for help

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Hello Harvey! Go away!!!

  We are in store for a major hurricane.  Earlier today it was projected to make landfall a good bit south of us, but as the day progressed, it continued to inch closer and closer to our little spot on the map.  As of this moment when I'm writing this, its projected to make land… Continue reading Hello Harvey! Go away!!!