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Single & Selfish…What I’ve learned

As I round the bases on the third year of being single – yes, it's been three years. I know! I can't believe it either. Next month, November 16th will be the third anniversary of the day my marriage imploded. The anniversary of the day I came to the sudden and quite world shattering realization… Continue reading Single & Selfish…What I’ve learned

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VD is upon us….again.

Oh Valentine's Day.  Here you are again - you little Bastard.  You may remember the photo above from a post from January of last year.  It spoke to me then because it was a metaphor for my heart.  My tender, fragile heart surrounded in spikes to keep everyone out to ensure I wouldn't get hurt… Continue reading VD is upon us….again.

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Dating with baggage

If you've been following this blog for a while you know I've done some good work on myself.  I've gotten some counseling, I've stayed away from dating, I've focused on myself, I've taken time to get to know me and focus on becoming comfortable in my own skin. Since starting to open myself up to… Continue reading Dating with baggage

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Get Ready…here we go

It's time. I've been divorced for a year and a half and I came to the realization over the last few weeks that it doesn't hurt anymore. This. is. huge. I also realize that I am lonely and I no longer feel weak for saying that.  You know what no one tells you about divorce?… Continue reading Get Ready…here we go