Rear view reflections

I have a few friends who are in the trenches right now. Experiencing betrayal on the most intimate level and the emotional roller coasters are really rough. While it's hard to watch your friends be in the depths of despair and wrought with trauma, I also know there is a light at the end of… Continue reading Rear view reflections

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Divorce Essentials!!

While I don't wish divorce upon my worst enemy, the national average tells us that it's going to happen to many of us.  It's unfortunately a fact of life when you are dealing with adult humans who have freedom of will and sometimes a case of impulse control or just a Shady AF partner. While… Continue reading Divorce Essentials!!


The art of f*cking up

I try really hard to not make the same mistake twice. My mom always said if I got in trouble for something I never got caught doing it again. Is this meant to say that I never did that thing again? Or that I never got caught again? Who's to know? I'd like to think… Continue reading The art of f*cking up

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Hello Betty!

Today is one week post op from having total hip replacement surgery and I swear it feels more like a month from my point of view.  There have been good days and bad days, a little depression, a few tears but every day gets a little bit better. I've started physical therapy and that is… Continue reading Hello Betty!

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I wish you Enough

I wrote something this morning, kind of by accident that I thought was important. "Until you've had enough, you will continue to go back to what hurts you. I wish you enough." I was paroozing my codependent facebook groups, reading posts, commenting on some.  I don't often write posts on these sites, I'm more of… Continue reading I wish you Enough

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I’m exhausted

Yep, there she is, folks.  My new Side Chick, Candy.  Get it? Candy Cane?  I know, eye roll.  I'll see myself out. I'm more and more shocked at how exhausting chronic pain is.  I mean really.  It takes me twice as long to get anywhere, I'm afraid of falling - hence the cane and people… Continue reading I’m exhausted

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My love affair with…

Twitter.  It seems be be getting a new push and is a super active and dare I say hip place to be.  Now, I've been on Twitter for over ten years in various account manifestations.  I started my very first account after breast cancer and as a means to connect to other breast cancer survivors,… Continue reading My love affair with…

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There is an After

Hey you.  Yeah, you.  The one over there bleeding from your blood pumper chest hole where your heart used to be.  Waking up daily thinking it was all just a dream only to in the very next moment have reality crash into you that the break up, the divorce, the separation, the end, really did… Continue reading There is an After

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The Amazing Power of Women

I have a confession.  I can asshole. One of my Best Girlfriends is having a bit of a time.  I won't say she's struggling, because she's not - she kicks ass at everything she touches, but she's admittedly got a lot of balls in the air.  She's a Mom of some amazing tiny humans… Continue reading The Amazing Power of Women

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Has it really almost been a month since I published a blog post? I'm sorry, y'all. October has me in its snare again. Every year I get weird. I get sad, depressed, angry and pull inward. I call it cocooning. I sort of wrap myself up in my apartment and don't want to talk. There's… Continue reading October