The art of f*cking up

I try really hard to not make the same mistake twice. My mom always said if I got in trouble for something I never got caught doing it again. Is this meant to say that I never did that thing again? Or that I never got caught again? Who's to know? I'd like to think… Continue reading The art of f*cking up

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Lessons from the rear view

If you've been around here for long you might remember one of my very early blog posts back in 2017 that was about Gaslighting. In that blog post, I mentioned that I'd never heard the term before until I started reading posts by @StillLearning2b on Twitter otherwise known as Lisa Arends. She's a fellow Texan,… Continue reading Lessons from the rear view

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My love affair with…

Twitter.  It seems be be getting a new push and is a super active and dare I say hip place to be.  Now, I've been on Twitter for over ten years in various account manifestations.  I started my very first account after breast cancer and as a means to connect to other breast cancer survivors,… Continue reading My love affair with…

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Crushing like a 15 year old

Let's just change my name to Swoony McSwoonerton, shall we? Remember back in Middle School when you had a crush?  A boy or girl who just seemed like the best thing since sliced bread and you admired them from afar and imagined what it would be like to have them like you back and go… Continue reading Crushing like a 15 year old

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Can you recalibrate a busted up B.S. meter?

I feel like my bullshit meter is so broken, there is no way calibrate it I don't have a clue what to title this post.  A topic has been on my heart for the last couple of days and when an idea for a post sticks with me for more than a few hours I… Continue reading Can you recalibrate a busted up B.S. meter?